Gods Timing

For every matter there is a time and judgement”. – Ecclesiastes 8:6

It was in 2005 that I first visited Pastor Audley Blacks church near the south coast of Jamaica. They had started a building expansion program for their worship facility. Each time I returned, I noticed that they had made a little more progress.
There was no hint of disappointment that this project was taking a number of years to complete! No, Pastor Black and his people were patient with the Lords timing and are very excited about what He is doing.

We often struggle with patience. We want our church to grow quickly, our young people to mature right away and all our problems to be fixed today.

Maybe we need to be reminded that some things take time – Gods time. For instance, when the Israelites first left Egypt, God sent them on the long route to the Promised Land (Exodus 13:17-18). During that time He prepared them, taught them, challenged them.

In our microwave world, we everything done instantaneously. But sometimes that’s not Gods plan. Let’s seek Gods help and learn to accept His timing. – Dave Branon


Read: Exodus 13:17-22